YUNGTAY(China) History Responsibility Video

In the process of development, YUNGTAY actively contributes to address employment issues, cultivate talents, increase taxes and creates harmony. YUNGTAY is proud of doing more charity and providing excellent services. YUNGTAY is dedicated to charity, and actively explore the disabled community problem solving. Through a wide range of school-enterprise cooperation and integration of upstream and downstream supply chain, YUNGTAY creates thousands of employment opportunities.

2014.10 Participated in "Walk for Love” public welfare activity, donated to the disabled.
2014.03 Fourth "YUNGTAY scholarship" was issued in YUNGTAY high school. Thirty-six excellent students won the scholarship, worth 90000 RMB.

2013.05 Donated to its employee, Feng Gao, to cross difficult barriers.

2012.02 YUNGTAY collected donations for its employee, Qinghua Zhao,to cross difficult barriers

2011.01 Aided Harbin Yagou Middle school, boost education in Acheng District.
2011.05 Aided Shuangkou Middle school and Shuangkou primary school.

2010.03 Annually establish scholarships in Harbin Institute of technology.
2010.08 Aided Zhouqu mudslide-stricken region, Wenchuan, Luchuan earthquake-stricken area.

2009.05 During the Dragon Boat Festival, YUNGTAY Senior leadership and local Taiwan affairs office directors visited elders.
2009.08 Donatied 1 million RMB for Taiwan disaster.
2009.10 Donated 15 elevators worth 5 million RMB for Dujiangyan friendship School, and established the first modern accessible school.

2008.06 Donated 5 million RMB to Sichuan Meishan Renshu Qingshui middle school.
2008.09 Cooperated with Fu Dan University Shanghai vision Art Institute, contributed 5 million RMB, set up “poor students and entrepreneurship” fund.

2006.05 Donated 1 million RMB to Shanghai Charitable Foundation.

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